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The Benefits of a Clean Office

The value of a clean facility starts with appearances.  When a client, visitor, or employee enters a place of business, they make an immediate judgment about that business based on their senses.  Does it smell clean?  Does it look clean?  Does it feel clean?  Those judgments affect their overall perception of the business, and their customer satisfaction, decision to buy, and workplace happiness. A dirty office may affect the ability of a business to attract and keep customers and employees.  The highest number of customer and visitor complaints about any office or business are about restroom cleanliness. A properly cleaned business presents an inviting environment to all who enter.

A proper office cleaning also works to reduce absenteeism.  Health related productivity loss costs employers over $1600 per employee per year.  Besides the direct productivity loss, hidden costs include hiring temporary labor or offering overtime to cover production gaps.  Additionally, unplanned absences cause a 54 percent decrease in productivity and a 39 percent drop in sales/customer service as a result of the labor disruption.  A cleaned and sanitized workplace removes dust and contaminants from the environment that negatively affect human health.  When a business is cleaned and maintained, the risk of exposure to cold germs, flu viruses, and other diseases is greatly reduced.  In addition, the airborn contaminants that aggrevate allergies and asthma are removed from the air.  A clean environment is a healthy environment.

Planned office cleaning can also extend the usuable life of a company's assets.  Studies have proven that properly maintained carpets have as much as three times longer appearance and durability when properly maintained than those that have low frequency of cleaning.  In addition, soil that is not removed from carpets recirculates throught the building's air conditioning and heating systems, increasing the levels of dust in filters.  This shortens the life cycle of the filters, and the effectiveness of the heating and cooling systems.  This results in increased heating and cooling costs.  The circulating dirt also deposits on sensitive electronics and equipment, such as computers and processing units causing them to malfunction or need faster replacement.  Proper cleaning extends asset life.

Hire ANDETO Janitorial Services to make the right impression, reduce health-related absenteeism, and extend the life of your assets.

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