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We Believe in Green Commercial Cleaning!

ANDETO Janitorial Services is committed to contributing to a healthier environment and a cleaner, healthier workplace.  The cleaning industry for the most part uses toxic chemicals that end up circulating throughout the air or being poured down a drain, ultimately ending up in our rivers and streams.  We want to do our part to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals to which we expose our environment, our employees, as well as you and your employees.  We incorporate green cleaning products, techniques, and equipment in to all of our cleaning services wherever possible. 

Why should you choose green office cleaning?  Besides being better for our environment, it is better for your bottom line.  Thousands of work hours are lost each year due to health problems related to poor indoor air quality.  Products and materials used indoors are picked up and recirculated through your office air conditioning and heating system.  These airborn pollutants negatively affect the air quality in your building or office.  Poor indoor air quality can cause an increase in sickness and contribute to the development or aggravation of allergies, asthma, reproductive and developmental problems, and cancer. By using a cleaning service or janitorial service that uses green cleaning solutions and techniques you can reduce the chemicals your employees and customers are breathing.

We offer a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly cleaning services, products, and solutions that are both green and effective.  Contact us today for your free customized green commercial cleaning proposal.